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250ml Foldable Dog Water Drinking Bottle

250ml Foldable Dog Water Drinking Bottle Dispenser

Portable, convenient, light.

No spills, no hassles, no leaks.

Your dog can drink clear water at any time and any place.


(4 customer reviews)

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250ml Foldable Dog Water Drinking Bottle

Let your dog have a drink anytime with a foldable dog water drinking bottle. Water bottle and drinking tray all in one
make taking a drink quick and easy. Plastic bottle holds 250ml giving plenty of water while traveling. Plastic holder
has a loop for carrying and doubles as a drinking tray.

Comes in three colors red, blue and yellow, supplier ships random color – no choice available.

Reviews (3)

  1. Tingey

    Fast delivery, very sensible drinking. thank you.

  2. Felton Merilos

    Handy thing! the quality is good!

  3. Kassandra Calcutt

    I have my favourite colour! Thanks!

  4. Ashlea Leonides

    Satisfied with the purchase!

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