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Life Is Better With A Pet

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Happy Life Pets a small family business in New Hampshire USA

Run by my wife and me, with help from our family.

We can't compete with the major brands marketing and graphics teams but by providing a High-Quality Product and Superior Customer Service our customers are treated like family not just a sales stat.

Here at Happy Life Pets we know how much better life is when shared with a pet. Pets give all they can and ask for little in return. Our attitude is to give back the best we can in quality and enjoyment.

Day to day activities and special trips all require little extras to make them more enjoyable for your pet. We search for the best products for your pet and then offer them at Fantastic prices.

When traveling with your pet they do require some special items so they can travel safely and to keep the vehicle clean. Our 1st private labeled product the Pet Seat Cover helps keep the entire back of a vehicle clean.

We provide pet owners with excellent quality products. Built to last and stand up to the abuse of your pets. All our products are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Satisfaction Guarantee is simple – If you are not satisfied then immediately contact us so we can fix the problem or send you a refund.

Being a small family business we are unable to produce all the wonderful products we offer. We are very selective of which products we offer and only do business with the best suppliers. You can be sure that any product we offer passes our quality and durability testing.

Our world class customer service is there when you need it.

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