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New Pet Seat Cover from Happy Life Pets Now Available!

by Chris Tietgens

Get rid of messes, dirt and dander on your car seat with the durable and waterproof pet seat cover from Happy Life Pets.

Happy Life Pets is pleased to announce their new product, a durable and efficient Pet Seat Cover, is now available. The new pet niche company from New Hampshire understands the demands of being a pet owner and their Pet Seat Cover helps makes traveling with pets, especially pet dogs, a little easier and a whole lot of fun.

dog seat cover

The Pet Seat Cover from Happy Life Pets is specifically designed to cover the rear seat of any vehicle. The cover measures 55” x 60” ideal for any size dog. The pet seat cover is made of high-quality 600D Oxford cloth lined with PVC backing to make it waterproof. With its 4 adjustable headrest straps to keep it in position and along with 2 built-in slots for the seat belt buckles, the rear seat will be kept clean and free from dirt and dander no matter how dirty your pet is. And when not in use, the cover may be folded or rolled to fit a storage area.

The Pet Seat Cover is also easy to clean. It may be brushed or vacuumed and it may also be easily removed from the seat and washed. This innovative pet care product not only protects car seats from dirt, dander, stains and hair and extends the life of expensive car seat covers but it also makes pets more comfortable too. And there is nothing more enjoyable than having a happy and calm pet in the car with the whole family.

Aside from targeting the pet travel industry, the Pet Seat Cover may also be used for other things. Since it provides coverage over the rear area of the vehicle, it may also be used to protect the seats and carpet from dirt and stains brought about by transporting groceries, outdoor equipment and all other supplies and tools. All in all, this efficient pet cover can save vehicle owners hundreds of dollars of car interior cleaning bills.

dog seat cover with dog

Winston White, Customer Service Manager of Happy Life Pets, expressed his excitement about their new product, “We are excited to launch our Pet Seat Cover; it is the first product we are offering in our pet travel range.” He added, “Our Pet Seat Cover is not just useful for protecting your car from pet messes. It can protect your rear car seat if you need to transport gardening supplies, sports equipment, or even the kids.”

Happy Life Pets products are made in China and are covered with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied with their purchase, Happy Life Pets will replace the item or refund the purchase price with no questions asked.

You can get a Pet Seat Cover from Happy Life Pets.com or Amazon.com

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YK1FZZ0
Link to website: https://happylifepets.com/dog-seat-cover/

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